Links and downloadable documents for Precinct 4 residents to help them in finding assistance for a variety of issues, including counseling, crisis intervention, healthcare, employment, and financial aid.

WilCo Forward Assistance Resources

Tips for Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety

As communities nationwide respond to the COVID- 19 pandemic, Americans face unparalleled levels of uncertainty. With the hope of helping individuals reestablish a sense of normalcy, Psychology.org has partnered with three mental health experts and determined five ways individuals and families can manage corona virus-related anxiety. Click on the link for these tips for dealing with coronavirus anxiety.

The nonprofit Wonders and Worries has developed resources to help parents address the pandemic with their children. Click on the link for suggestions.

Difficulty Paying Ticket?

If you have received a citation and cannot afford to pay the fine, there are options available. For more information, go to this link: https://tickethelptexas.org/guide/introduction/i-received-ticket-i-wont-be-able-pay