Service Fees


Citations $70.00
Subpoenas / Summons $70.00
Forcible Entry & Detainer (Eviction Citations) $70.00

Other Service Fees

All Writs $150.00
All Precepts $150.00
Show Cause / Notice of Hearing $150.00
Distress Warrants $150.00
Tax Warrants $150.00
Turn-Over Order $150.00
Temporary Restraining Order / Temporary Injunction $150.00
Interrogatories $150.00
Executing a Deed or Bill of Sale $30.00
Posting Written Notice
(per poster / per location)
County Commission due based on percentage of monies collected
on Writs of Executions or Orders of Sale:
10% up to and including $20,000
4% for amounts over $20,000
For executing any Writ, Precept or court order which exceeds 2
hours, an additional fee per hour, per officer, plus mileage at the IRS
allowable rate, to perform service and return from performing the service.
If ordered by the court to transport to or from out of the county Court of Jurisdiction, a fee per hour, per officer, plus mileage at IRS allowable rate, plus lodging costs. $40.00
Cancellation Fee: Any Writ or Order of Sale  (except Tax Foreclosure Orders of Sale) with plaintiff direction to withhold or release levy, withhold collection, cancel or recall writ without constable collection of judgment and costs, shall include all costs incurred and cancellation fee. $500.00