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Adopt A Family

Adopt a Family applications will be available on November 1st and accepted through December 1st.  Please see the FAQs below to learn more about how Adopt a Family works.  


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Mission Statement

Brown Santa provides low income or poverty stricken families with children from age 0 to 15 with toys, books, and other items needed to make Christmas merrier and to positively impact families that, without our assistance, will not have what others in the world often take for granted.

Brown Santa

The Williamson County Brown Santa program provides assistance to families in Williamson County living outside the geographical city limits of any town or city within Williamson County that does not provide a similar program. Brown Santa donations are utilized to purchase toys, books and other items needed to make the children’s Christmas brighter. It is a registered corporation in the State of Texas that is operated under the direction of the Brown Santa Board of Directors and was granted non-profit tax exemption under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adopt A Family

What does it mean to "Adopt” a Family?

Williamson County Sheriff’s Brown Santa supports underprivileged children through a general distribution of toys, books and a stuffed animals for Christmas. Within this primary mission, we get many requests from volunteers to help provide a more personal Christmas experience through Adopt-A-Family (AAF). AAF reviews situations and assigns families in need to sponsors. The sponsor then engages the family directly to understand the specific needs (toys, clothing, food, etc.), shops for the gifts, wraps gifts (based on family preference) and delivers the gifts to the parents.

As a Sponsor do I communicate directly with the family?

Yes, the family needs to be contacted immediately to let them know they have been adopted. This means they will not participate in the Brown Santa general distribution. This personal contact also allows you to discuss their needs / wants to ensure a Merry Christmas. Each family’s situation is different so it is critical to speak to the family.

As a Sponsor am I responsible for delivering the gifts?

Yes, when you contact the family to discuss their needs, you will need to agree on date, time, and place to deliver your gifts. If you are unable to deliver the gifts directly, you will need to make arrangements with the Sheriff’s Department to drop off the gifts.

What items can I provide?

Typically, the minimum is 2 toys, a book, and a stuffed animal per child but you are free to help with more. We have some sponsors that provide gift cards to the parents for food or clothing in addition to the children’s gifts. Follow your heart and your budget.

If I previously adopted a family, can I adopt them again?

Typically, no. With rare exceptions, we try to adopt new families every year so that more may enjoy this personal experience. If you created a personal bond with a family, we will consider.

How much should I spend on the family?

This is a personal choice. There is no minimum dollar amount. Follow your heart and your budget.

Can I adopt more than one family?

Yes. We will assign as many families to you as you request.

Do I have to deliver the same day as Brown Santa general distribution?

No, the delivery date and time is to be decided between you and your adopted family, up to and including Christmas day. The most important part is clear communication with the family so that they know what to expect.

If I have personal knowledge of a family in need, may I request them specifically to be my adoptees?

Yes, If they have filled out a request for Brown Santa assistance, we can assign you directly to them.

What if I do not wish to make the delivery to a family?

You may deliver your gifts to Brown Santa at the Sheriff's Office in Georgetown and we will provide them to the family during general distribution days