Trails in Williamson County
Brushy Creek Regional Trail
Experience nature, history and community as you enjoy an afternoon excursion along the 6.75 mile long Brushy Creek Regional Trail. The trail winds along Brushy Creek from east to Great Oaks Drive, west to US 183 in Cedar Park and has extensive landscaping and scenic views. The parks that lie along the trail provide many different amenities accessible to walkers, runners and bikers. Together, the parks and a collaboration of splash pads, swimming areas, fishing docks, canoeing and kayaking, restrooms and multiple picnic and pavilion areas. 
Brushy Creek Regional Trail Gate

Lake Creek Trail
The Lake Creek Trail is approximately 1.16 miles which extends through southwest Williamson County along Lake Creek connecting Parmer Lane to Broadmeade Avenue, crossing through the Town and Country Optimist Fields. At the trailhead are 20 parking spaces and park benches situated on 13 acres recently acquired by the county.


Lake Creek Trail Foot Prints
Trail Safety Guidelines
  • Practice safety: be aware of your surroundings; bring a buddy, plenty of water, & cell phone.
  • Be friendly & courteous - respect others and share the trail.
  • Ride, walk, or run on the right side of the trail - pass on the left.
  • Allow others to pass safely - no more than two (2) trail users side by side.
  • Warn people when you plan to pass.
  • Anticipate other trail users and avoid abrupt changes in direction of travel.
  • Walkers yield to runners.
  • Bicyclists yield to runners & walkers.
  • Keep bicycles under control – dismount and walk bike when necessary.
  • Bicyclists slow down when approaching other trail users & on downhill slopes!
  • Earphones can hinder your ability to hear others trying to warn you; consider leaving your earphones at home or turn volume down.
  • Please keep pets on a short leash & under control at all times.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited!
  • Leave natural items for others to enjoy; some items are protected & should not be disturbed or removed.
  • Leave no trace! Please pack out your trash & pet waste.
At the Park with Mark: Trail Etiquette

We are excited to present to you a new video series from our Parks department: “At the Park with Mark!” Join Mark, our knowledgeable Trail Steward of the Williamson County Parks department, as he counts down the top 5 rules of Trail Etiquette! Catch y’all outside!

Click Here or the picture below to watch the video!

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