PAY YOUR TICKET ONLINE at the JP website.  Paying or making payment arrangements is essential to avoid extra costs and possibly having a warrant issued for your arrest for Failure to Appear.  

Precinct 1

Precinct 2

Precinct 3

Precinct 4

Only full payments are accepted and once accepted the case is closed and reported as a conviction. Juvenile cases are not available, nor are certain cases involving particular offenses. (i.e. Alcohol Offenses by Minors)

By paying your citation online, you're entering a plea of Nolo Contendere (No Contest) and waive your right to a trial.

Please be advised that, at this time, you are unable to request a Driving Safety Course or make a partial payment from this site. For more information on these options, or if you cannot locate your ticket using our online search, please contact the Court and they will be able to assist you.