Common Fines & Fees

Updated February 25, 2019

If a fine is not listed contact the Court

Moving Violations (Personal Vehicle)

Fine & Fee

Failed To Drive In Single Lane


Failed To Signal Lane Change


Illegal, Unsafe, Or Improper Turn


Passing In A No Passing Zone


Speeding Over Posted Speed Limit

Failure To Display TxDOT Cab Card


11 To 15 MPH Over Posted Limit


16 To 20 MPH Over Posted Limit


21+ MPH Over Posted Limit


Driver's License Violations

Expired Driver's License


Failed To Change Driver's License Address


Failed To Display Driver's License


No Valid Driver's License


Permit Unlicensed Person To Drive


Violate Driver's License Restriction


Vehicle Plate, Inspections & Registration

EDefective Equipment (Brake Lights Or Headlights)


Expired Vehicle Registration


Commercial Vehicle Violations

Expired Driver's License


Improper Load / Loose Materials Or No Tarp


No Record Of Duty Status


No Commercial Driver's License


Over Width / Over Length


Speeding 1-10 MPH Over Posted Limit (CDL Holder)


Speeding 11+ MPH Over Posted Limit (CDL Holder)