Judge Stacy Hackenberg

As her history of activism indicates, the Judge believes in equal rights for all. However, in no way does this mean she holds a preference for one group over another. As a Judge, she is required to be fair and impartial and takes this very seriously,

She is also a strong proponent of education and believes that families need to make education a priority for their children. A school-aged child is required to go to school until they are 18 or graduate from high school. It should be a priority for the child and their family similar to their parents' or guardians' employment duties. 

As someone who at times has had difficulty making ends meet, the Judge is very much aware of the everyday need to juggle finances. She has developed procedures to help determine an individual's ability to pay their fines that can reduce or even waive the fine as needed. The court has also changed how long a payment plan can last so that no one will make payments on a fine for more than one year.


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