For Attorneys

We encourage you to inquire about the DWI/Drug Court Program. Please contact Williamson County Court at Law #2 to find out more information.

All those who are interested in starting the process for admittance into the program must contact the Williamson County DWI/Drug Court prosecutor.

Please feel free to look through the DWI/Drug Courts Overview, Advantages, Policy and Procedures, and Court Documents.  We encourage defense attorneys to utilize the documents on the webpage for review with your clients.

Attorneys or Pro Se Defendants are encouraged to review the court documents. These documents will be completed and made available to you at court by the Prosecutor or County Attorney. DO NOT fill out the forms and try to submit them to the Court.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Agreement of Participation12/2/201694.04 KBDownload
Consent Form12/2/201662.33 KBDownload
Court Appointed Attorney Voucher7/2/2018292.90 KBDownload
DDCP Overview10/4/2017132.43 KBDownload
DWI-Drug Court Application9/18/20191.50 MBDownload
Payment Information10/4/201770.25 KBDownload
Policies and Procedures9/24/2019526.57 KBDownload
Program Rules12/2/2016105.54 KBDownload