Warrant Payment Plan Information

Warrants issued by the Justice Court in Precinct 2 are served by the Constables Office in Precinct 2.

There are several ways to take care of these warrants to avoid arrest and possibly going to jail.

You can pay the warrant by Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, or Cashier's Check.

You can make arrangements to set up a payment plan to pay out the warrant over a period of time. If you elect the payment plan option the warrant is recalled as long as you make your payments on time. Click here for more information

For more information on a warrant or any of the above options please call us at 512-260-4270.

If you have received a tag on your door or a card in the mail call right away to avoid arrest.

Payment Information
Payment Information

This office accepts the following methods of payment for warrant fines:

In Office - Cash, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, and Credit/Debit Cards* (A 2.85% convenience fee is added to all card transactions by a third party vendor.)

By Phone- Credit and Debit cards from: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (A 2.85% convenience fee is added to all card transactions by a third party vendor.)
By Mail- Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

This office does not accept personal or company checks for payment of warrants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my warrant(s)?

Warrants can be paid by cash, credit card, money order, or cashier's check at our office or over the phone. 



(512) 260-4270


May I make a partial payment on a warrant?

Arrest warrants must be paid in full, partial payments are not accepted. 

May I get jail credit for time served?

Each Judge determines if credit may be applied or not.

If I have a warrant with a city inside the county can I just pay the county?

Williamson County does NOT centralize all warrants. If the offense occurred inside the city limits then it's possible the Police Department may hold the original warrant. 

I was jailed in another County, can that time served count towards these arrest warrants?

No. Jail credit will only be applied (at the Judges ruling) from time served in the Williamson County Jail. 

Can traffic related arrest warrants keep me from renewing my driver license?

Yes, if left unresolved, traffic related warrants can interfere with a license renewal.