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Commissioner Cook Announces New Bridge Now Connects Another Section of Brushy Creek Regional Trail (Photo Video Included)

The bridge was lowered over Brushy Creek on Round Rock Avenue behind the former 620 Cafe area near I-35 on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019

  • 22 October 2019
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
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Commissioner Cook and staff Doris Sanchez and Garry Brown pose in front of the bridge after it was lowered onto the structures.

The fervor that erupted became a roadblock and both sides of the negotiations took a hiatus.

The project went out for bid in early 2019. The project was awarded to Round Rock’s own Chasco Constructors and on March 18, they were given notice to proceed. The initial run from behind the old 620 Café west to the first river crossing for the trail looked like a scene in an equatorial country – dense vegetation made it hard to see where you were going, and the entire crew got poison ivy, oak and sumac! Then the monsoons of the spring and early summer further taxed the team.  However, they were seasoned professionals and not easily daunted. 

The excitement surged with the arrival of the pedestrian bridge created in two parts in Colorado and transported via two trucks/trailers to Round Rock on the morning of October 18. The combined weight was over 35 tons, 121 ft. long when assembled, 16.5’ wide – imagine the ire of the drivers on the road with this taking two lanes. They had to plan the route accordingly. Once down on the north shore of Brushy Creek, a very large crane lifted each section off and with over 350 bolts the two sections were joined. Then, using only four cables, the crane lifted the bridge and slowly transported it higher and higher as each end was pulled into place on the abutments – still takes muscle and rope – and lowered into place right as the sun was dropping in the horizon. Fall colors were ablaze (as much as they do here). There is a video posted under “Hot Topics” on the Commissioner 1 webpage on Wilco.org.  On that page, be sure to click on “Read More” to see the video!

They've started pouring concrete and developing the boardwalks which will be ADA compliant to get you onto the bridge.

This trail section may be completed in March; yes, it does terminate at Faith Missionary Baptist Church. Please stop and turn around for now. It is to connect with the Round Rock trail to allow you to journey eastward across Round Rock along Brushy Creek. Currently, I have no construction data on that.

PS – We are working on a win-win scenario with the church. I have high hopes. Then to the last property owner, which is now two.

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