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The mission of Public Affairs is to inform and educate by providing accurate, timely and consistent information through the most effective channels and encouraging engagement with all our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include current and future residents, employees, media, companies, taxpayers, other governmental entities and the general public. Our vision is to connect the Williamson County community. 

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Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Introduces New Best Match Program

  • 20 March 2023
  • Author: Richard Powell
  • Number of views: 1165
Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Introduces New Best Match Program

While taking in and caring for 510 new animals in February, WCRAS achieved a 99% save rate for that same month. The shelter has been experiencing critical capacity levels since May of 2022 and has struggled to bring its number of dogs down to a sustainable level since then. But that struggle has been matched by extraordinary efforts by the shelter’s staff, volunteers, fosters, and supporters in the community – the people who have stepped up and chosen to adopt a dog in need from a shelter.

“The past months have been taxing on our staff, volunteers, and fosters,” said Animal Services Director Misty Valenta. “We’re choosing to continue to persevere, to continue to serve our community, and to continue to save lives. As such, we want to acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication each of those people have poured into these animals, finding creative solutions at every turn, so that each animal can be treated as an individual. From returning animals to their loving homes to adopting, this village of supporters we have in Williamson County has proven to be truly remarkable, and we’re excited for the milestone and this new Best Match program!”

The Best Match System began organically as the shelter was learning how to function during the pandemic. The lowered stress levels in the dogs were extremely noticeable when using this method. Plus, dogs were given more opportunities to use choice, practice relaxation, and take part in positive social interaction, which are values the shelter upholds. Then, the shelter began to see the data proving the compatibility model for adoptions was working and they knew they had stumbled upon a way that dogs have the opportunity to give a glimpse of who they truly are to their potential adopters. The shelter is hopeful they are creating a process that values the adopter and their needs as well as the dog and their needs.

As a part of the Best Match program, the shelter is now also offering adoptions to anyone, anywhere! Did you see the dog of your dreams on the shelter’s website? Don’t live in the area? Not a problem! You can still go through the Best Match System! All out-of-state adoptions are $75. The shelter will help you organize transport to your location. Depending on transport style and location, transport fees may vary between free (carpool with your family) and $500+ (airplane ride to their new home). The shelter will work with you to help meet your transport needs. Adopters will be responsible for transportation fees.

Read all about the Best Match program at https://pets.wilco.org/Adopt/Dog-Adoptions.

To celebrate the 99% save rate and the launch of the Best Match Dog Adoption program, the shelter is offering Name Your Price adoption fees for all medium-to-large adult dogs. Adopters can see all dogs available for adoption at wilcopets.org, send an email to adoption@wilco.org to chat with a care-taker about the dogs that might be their Best Match, come meet those matches, and then adopt the one that stole your heart – all for a Name Your Price fee.

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