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Williamson County Precinct 1 Prepares for Forest North Drainage Improvement Project Phase III

Williamson County is preparing to start Phase III of the Forest North Drainage Improvement project located in Precinct 1. Construction is expected to begin late Spring 2020 and be completed before Spring 2022, weather permitting.   

Construction for the Forest North Drainage Improvement project began back in Summer 2016, following concerns raised by residents in the area. The goal of the project is to address drainage infrastructure issues caused by frequently reoccurring local flooding. The project is being done in phases, and by zones. Phase I and Phase II have been completed. There is a total of seven zones that will be completed in Phase III, these zones are identified on the project map, which is posted to the Forest North webpage.   

Voter-approved funds from Williamson County’s 2019 Road Bond Program are making it possible for the improvements to become a reality. In total, the project is expected to cost approximately $4.8 million.   

“This is the first construction project of the 2019 voter-approved Road Bonds for the County and the final phase of a comprehensive drainage system for this fairly flat region of Precinct 1. DeNucci Construction was a wonderful partner for the county and the residents of Forest North in Phase I. I know they will do a superb job implementing the K Friese design plan while respecting the neighbors in the construction zones,” said Williamson County Precinct 1 Commissioner Terry Cook.   

Construction activities will be limited to a Monday through Friday schedule, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. However, under special circumstances, the contractor may request permission from the County to perform work outside of the normal work hours in order to complete time-sensitive activities.   

Phase III will include replacing broken and deficient culverts and performing maintenance of existing channels by grading the channels to restore and improve storm water-conveyance capacity, among other improvements. In some cases, segments of the storm sewer will be added to capture stormwater and carry it to large creeks to avoid flooding.   

For more information on the project please visit, http://roadbond.wilco.org/forestnorth

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