Cite and Release

A police officer in certain situations has an option of issuing a Cite and Release citation for a person to appear before a magistrate at a later date, rather than arresting someone or taking them to jail for some misdemeanors

What do I do if I am given a Cite and Release citation?

On your appearance date, you need to go to the Williamson County Justice Center at 405 Martin Luther King in Georgetown, Texas. When you arrive, you will be in the custody of the Williamson County Sheriff. You will be booked and fingerprinted at the Williamson County Justice Center instead of jail. The Magistrate will inform you of your rights and let you know your charges and bond set. You will also be given your next court date and released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my lawyer need to be present?

Your lawyer does not have to be present at your appearance before the magistrate. If you cannot afford an attorney, an attorney may be appointed to you if you qualify.

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What if I have renewed my license before my appearance date?

The magistrate will not consider your innocence or guilt. You will receive a court date to appear and answer for the underlying charge.