Champion Park

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Champion Park offers lots of open space, picnic tables, restrooms, parking, fitness area, a covered children's play area with castings of dinosaur bones to discover, a playscape and swings, and specially designed boulders for climbing.  

The large covered picnic pavilions with built-in grills can be reserved for family or group gatherings. 

Wet a hook along Brushy Creek or hop on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, where you can walk, hike, jog or bike along the mostly concrete trail. 

PARK MAP: Click here to download a pdf map of Champion Park.

Pecan North & Pecan South Pavilions

Pecan Pavilion

  • Group Pavilions at Champion Park (Pecan North & Pecan South)
  • Pavilions are available for use on a first come-first served basis if not previously reserved. Reservations are posted on each pavilion when reserved.  
  • RESERVATIONS: To reserve a Pavilion contact the Park HQ at 512-943-1920 between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Alcohol is allowed
  • Prohibited items: glass containers, petting zoos, pony rides, piñatas, confetti (or like items), silly string, water balloons, sidewalk chalk.
  • Bounce houses, game trucks, trackless trains, etc. require advanced approval of park staff at least 3 days prior to your arrival date. Insurance certificates required.
  • Clean-up is required. Leaving the facility and area in an unacceptable condition will result in an additional clean-up fee; amount assessed will be based on staff time, supplies and equipment required.
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