Precinct Change History

In July 2011, Williamson County Commissioner's Court formally approved the new Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, and Constable Precincts as a result of 2010 Redistricting effort. The first map shows newly adopted precincts adopted July 26, 2011 and voting precincts adopted September 27, 2011.  All changes must be submitted to the US Department of Justice for preclearance and will not be effective until January 1, 2012.  The second map shows changes to the existing (current) precincts, with the adopted changes identified.

Adopted Precinct Map with Voter Precinct Detail

Adopted Precinct Changes Map (shows differences between current and adopted precincts)

OLD Precincts Map

In accordance with Section 42.006 of the Texas Election Code, precinct adjustments were approved by Commissioner’s Court on 4/25/2017. New precinct boundaries became effective on January 1st, 2018.

Williamson County Voter Precincts 01/01/2018

2010 Census Data

The US Census Bureau has released limited data intended for redistricting to the states. This data contains population and limited demographic information broken down to the Census Block level. This data can be accessed at the new American Fact Finder website: http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml