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Response Team Chief
Marty Herrin
911 Tracy Chambers Ln,
Georgetown, TX 78626

Hazardous Material

The Williamson County Hazardous Materials Response Team was conceptually created in 1996 after the County was involved in numerous Hazardous Materials responses with no coordinated response from all the knowledgeable players in the county. A group of Subject Matter Experts from the Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association, (Cedar Park represented by Marty Herrin, Round Rock Fire represented by Jim Honei, Georgetown Fire represented by Mark Moss, and Jollyville Fire Department represented by Rocky Dallmeyer and Jim Ward) were tasked to come up with a plan on cost analysis, training needs, and the full logistics to make a County Hazmat Team work. Chief John Golden (Jollyville Fie Chief) proceeded to establish the first Standard Operating Guidelines for the team. Marty Herrin as the Team Coordinator worked for the next 2 years with Chief Lynn Bizzell (Round Rock Fire), Chief Anthony Lincoln (Georgetown Fire), Assistant Chief James Mallinger (Cedar Park Fire), Chief John Golding (Jollyville Fire), Captain Jim Franz (Round Rock Fire and President of Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association), John Sneed WCEMS Director, Jeff Hayes Director of Operations WCEMS, (defined as the Haz Mat Advisory Board (HMAB) at that time) to formalize this team.

The HMAB, John Sneed and the Fire Chief’s Association started working with the Williamson County Commissioners Court to find funding to support this group effort. They proceeded to explain to the courts how expensive the team would be for each department to fund but that we could combine our efforts and funds to provide a much broader team that would be eligible to help the entire county if needed. In 1998 Budget year the Commissioners Court under the Guidance and direction of Judge John Doerfler recommended an original budget of approximately $51,000 a year to operate the team, with Marty Herrin as the Volunteer leader of the team. In October 2003 he was officially employed by the county. The Haz Mat Team continued to work under the financial controls of the Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association while Marty reported to the Williamson County EMS Director John Sneed. In 2008 the Commissioner Court made the “Hazardous Materials Response Team” a Division under the Emergency Service Senior Director John Sneed.

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