Emergency Services

The Williamson County Emergency Services Department is the parent group that coordinates and oversees the efforts of the individual emergency functions within the county. From here, you can learn more about Emergency Medical Services, the Office of Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, the Mobile Outreach Team, the Fire Marshal Special Operations office, and how all of these groups work together every day to keep the citizens of Williamson County safe.

Emergency Medical Services

Williamson County Emergency Medical Services Patch

Office of Emergency Management

Williamson County Office of Emergency Management Patch

Emergency Communications

Williamson County Office of Emergency Communication Patch

Mobile Outreach Team

Williamson County Mobile Outreach Team


Fire Marshal Special Operations

Williamson County Fire Marshal

Be WILCO Ready

wilco ready app

Williamson County has developed a mobile app that helps its citizens properly prepare and stay informed during and after a disaster. You will be able to create your family emergency plan and get a list of the go-kit supplies in just under a minute. In addition, you will receive the latest updates and necessary information on evacuation routes, shelters, available emergency services and much more, should a disaster strike.

Find peace of mind by ensuring that you and your family are properly prepared.

Go to your Android or Apple app store to download the Wilco Ready Community Preparedness App and all the information you need in one easy-to-use app.

Stay Informed



Protect your family, property and self. Sign up for free to get official emergency alerts for your neighborhood by text, email, or phone.

WarnCentralTexas.org serves as a public portal for residents to register for our Regional Notification System (RNS) and learn about other ways their local communities distribute information in times of emergencies. WarnCentralTexas.org also is being developed as a regional preparedness resource so residents in the ten-county CAPCOG region can find useful information about how they can prepare themselves for emergencies and disasters.