Mobile Outreach Team - MOT

IMG_0221 The Williamson County MOT is now part of WCEMS bringing comprehensive mobile healthcare under one roof. MOT's mission is to improve the overall health of our community by providing outstanding and cost-effective emergency behavioral healthcare with compassion and respect. Our highly trained clinicians strive to meet the needs of patients, families, and systems of care.

We are your mental health first responders. Our integration with EMS, police, and fire departments makes us unique.

Mental Health Crisis Management

The appropriate management of mental health crises are of the utmost importance for keeping patients and the public safe.  Identifying issues early and routing patients to safe and effective treatment is our goal.  


EMS/Police Support

Williamson County EMS Website Promo-72.846Without MOT, police and EMS resources would manage and transport patients suffering from mental health issues.  MOT has licensed counselors at the ready.  This allows EMS and law enforcement to improve emergency responses.

Opioid Use Reduction

MOT is in the midst of a 5 year grant to combat the opioid epidemic. Our unique approach to saving lives in Williamson County has been nationally recognized. Three MOT Paramedics work to identify those at risk of overdose. They try to guide them towards Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). They also provide users and their loved ones with Narcan, the opioid reversal medication, to avoid death from overdose. For those that enter treatment, it's only the beginning of their recovery journey. MOT partners with peer coaches who are former users themselves to help guide those working to stay off opioids.

Aside from individual services, the opioid use reduction team provides training to groups on the use of Narcan and gives it away to organizations that are likely come into contact with users of opioids.


narcan event group

Narcan Training Event at WCEMS

IMG_3455Narcan training and give away.

thumbnail_image Helping the homeless.