Signed Transfer Order
Case Transfers from 26th DC to 480th DC

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Case # Style Status
16-0705-C26 Armando Di Carlo vs. Jimmy Jones,George Rubio,Los Hijos Ranch Partners, Inc. Filed 07/15/2016
18-0517-C26 Thomas Robert Ketterhagen, individually and on behalf of the Estate of Thomas Martin Ketterhagen; and Luz Ketterhagen Vs. Aaron Davison and Cody Crow,Michael Bottom and Sara Bottom Filed 05/01/2018
18-1403-C26 Julie Damian and Marcos Damian, Individually and as Co-Independent Administrators of the Estate of Kade Esiquel Houston Damian, Deceased. vs. Ameristar Perimeter Security USA, Inc American Fence and Supply Company, Inc GAFP, Inc Ameristar Fence Products Ince and ASSA Abloy AB Appealed 11/17/2021
18-1639-C26 Sarah Thomas vs. RUM Enterprises, Inc vs Tyson Foods, Inc and Labatt Food Service, LLC Filed 12/13/2018
19-1080-C26 City of Hutto, Texas vs. Wolverine Interests, LLC Filed 07/26/2019
19-1291-C26 Nicole Marie McKenna vs. Dollar General Corporation, Armstrong Real Estate Holdings LP.,Armstrong Holdings, Inc., Dolgencorp of Texas, Inc., Mary Dominguez Filed 08/27/2019
19-1614-C26 City of Georgetown vs. Buckthorn Westex, LLC Filed 10/08/2019
19-1830-C26 TraC-N-Trol, Inc. vs. Cunningham Constructors & Associates, Inc., and The Guarantee Company of North America USA Filed 11/18/2019
19-1884-C26 Renee Retick on behalf of herself and as Special Adminstrator of the Estate of Joyce Stoddard and Starla Adams vs. First American Title Insurance Company a/k/a and d/b/a First American Title Insurance Company of Williamson County Texas and Theresa Wilcox,First American Trust,FSB,Veritex Community Bank, N.A., Adam Tabak,Robert Levine,Jeremy Levine, David Levine, Robert Levine and The Law Offices of Robert Levine Filed 11/27/2019
20-0224-C26 LMI, Inc. vs. Jeffrey D. Reed and JP Electrical Contractors, Inc. Filed 02/05/2020
20-0283-C26 Travis Hawkins,Yolanda Hawkins vs. Scott & White Memorial Hospital d/b/a Baylor Scott & White Clinic - Temple,Javier Eduardo-Banchs, M.D.,QTL Dental, PLLC,Quyen Lee, DDS Filed 02/18/2020
20-0318-C26 Cedric Washington, Jr as heir of Cedric Washington Deceased vs. Joshua Auerbach And Corbel Communication Inc. a/k/a Corbel Communications Industries, LLC Filed 02/21/2020
20-0664-C26 Pacesetter Homes, LLC vs. Tesch Development & Management Co., LLC and Robert E. Tesch Filed 05/01/2020
20-0705-C26 Jennifer Hurtado Gomez vs. Sama Naeem Jwaied and Nour Easa Oweis Filed 05/11/2020
20-0773-C26 The State of Texas Vs. $3,478.00 U.S. Currency Filed 05/27/2020
20-0988-C26 Nicole Cullop vs. Andrew Tomlinson and Character Select Agency, Inc. Filed 07/09/2020
20-1107-C26 Michael Seago and Lawrence Romero vs. USAA General Indemnity Company and Jenkins Services, Inc dba Jenkins Restorations, Inc Filed 07/30/2020
20-1229-C26 Jorge Sanchez Gutierrez vs. Ali Mohammad and Cargo Trans, LLC Filed 08/18/2020
20-1526-C26 Federal Wholesale Toy Co., Limited Partnership vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 09/28/2020
20-1603-C26 Extra Space Properties Two LLC and RPD Georgetown Williams LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 10/07/2020
20-1608-C26 Regions Bank vs. James R. Grimes DBA Law Office of J. Randall Grimes Filed 10/08/2020
20-1708-C26 Barbara Lamberson vs. J&R Environmental Services, LLC and James Keaton Filed 10/26/2020
20-1769-C26 Fu Wa Wong vs. Austin Vitoria Plaza, LLC Filed 11/04/2020
20-1801-C26 Tammie Robbins vs. Roderick Carter, JR Filed 11/10/2020
20-1848-C26 Misael Ruiz and Lizette Mendez Munoz vs. Ronnie Earl Haywood, Rush Automotive LLC and Rex Lee Ashabranner Filed 11/20/2020
20-1871-C26 Credit Corp Solutions Inc. vs. Lindsey Mcfall Filed 11/24/2020
20-1939-C26 Emosha Tashan Williams vs. Bluebonnet Trails Community MHMR Center and Brittany Paige Pierdolla Filed 12/11/2020
20-2013-C26 Patrice Parma vs. Jorge Jordan Filed 12/23/2020
20-2015-C26 Trevor Bannister Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Darlene Ahart vs Wesleyan Homes, Inc dba The Wesleyan Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Filed 12/23/2020
21-0024-T26 The County Of Williamson, Texas vs. North Shore Pest Control, LLC Filed 01/12/2021
21-0054-C26 Steve Hickerson as Trustee of the Gail L. Keith Trust vs. Gail Keith,Wynelle Hickerson, Katie MacConnell, Gracey Keith and Zachary Keith Filed 01/11/2021
21-0129-C26 Affinity at South Park Meadows, LLC and Affinity at Round Rock, LLC vs. Galaxy Builders, LTD, Boral Windows LLC, Advanced Framing Construction, LLC, CTLP Management Group LTD, Specialty Concrete Coatings of Texas, D&R Steel Works, Inc., ARS Speciality Contractors, LLC., Pacific Metal Works Inc. and Schaffer Mechanical Inc. Filed 01/22/2021
21-0145-C26 Claudia Eshelman vs. Amica Mutual Insurance Company Filed 01/26/2021
21-0173-C26 Alva Cooley vs Crewlyn Contracting, LLC Filed 01/29/2021
21-0193-C26 Bank Of America N.A. vs. Amy Heffernan Filed 02/03/2021
21-0217-C26 Robert U. Mayfield, Marion J. Mayfield, Anderson Mill DQ, LLC, R.U.M. Enterprises, Inc. vs. Davila General Contractors, LLC and Southwest Electrical Contracting Services, Ltd. Filed 02/09/2021
21-0219-C26 Becky Ltd vs Stream Realty Acquisition, LLC and EPC Stream Cedar LLC Filed 02/09/2021
21-0247-C26 21ST Mortgage Corporation vs. Adam Perez and Valerie Fuentes Filed 02/19/2021
21-0273-C26 My Tin Cup, LLC vs. Judy Malish, individually, Roxanne Patschke, as power of attorney for Judy Malish, and Kerry Malish, individually Filed 02/23/2021
21-0316-C26 Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company vs. KLEPZIG INC. Filed 03/05/2021
21-0325-C26 Kevin Mikulencak vs. Lee Andrew Pachicano dba Andrew's Automotive Filed 03/08/2021
21-0327-C26 Xylem Dewatering Solutions, Inc vs. Whitestone Civil Construction, LLC Filed 03/09/2021
21-0355-C26 Bradley Watson,Karen Sue Hanich vs. Northvista Ranch, LLC Filed 03/12/2021
21-0372-C26 Maria Elena Trevino f/k/a Maria Elena Hernandez Solano vs. Classic Special Hyundai, Ltd. d/b/a Round Rock Hyundai and d/b/a Round Rock Genesis; Round Rock Hyundai; Classic Special LLC; and Christen Ashley as Administrator Of The Estate Of Sean David Foster, Deceased Filed 03/16/2021
21-0504-C26 Reagan National Advertising of Austin, Inc. vs. TR Lakeline Market Retail Corp. Filed 04/08/2021
21-0576-C26 Christopher Davis vs. Ronald Butsch, dba Austin Reliable Construction and Filed 04/23/2021
21-0650-C26 Project Veritas and Cassandra Spencer vs. Jesse Hicks Filed 05/06/2021
21-0818-C26 Empower Real Estate, LLC vs. Children's Institute of Learning, Inc. And Shomari King Filed 06/09/2021
21-1092-C26 Darrell Eugene "Gene"Duncan,Candice Roberts Duncan and Wesley and Amy Bolding, Individually and next of Friends fo SB and HB Minors vs. H.L Chapman Pipline Construction, Inc Filed 07/27/2021
21-1156-C26 Julia Johnson Kelly vs Joan Johnson and Janine Johnson Wise Filed 08/04/2021
21-1194-C26 Techstar SR LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 08/10/2021
21-1196-C26 AMU Enterprise LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 08/10/2021
21-1261-C26 John Schexnayder vs. Williamson Kevin Hamrick and Gina Giachetti Filed 08/18/2021
21-1302-C26 Attia's Lighthouse, LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 08/23/2021
21-1333-C26 VEB TX I, LLC & VEB TX II, LLC vs. Williamson County Appraisal District Filed 08/27/2021
21-1362-C26 Private Elizabeth LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 08/30/2021
21-1399-C26 Jaimie Drew vs. James Guy Garner and Texas Coast Yard Maintenance, LLC Filed 08/31/2021
21-1483-C26 Ana Urueta vs. Nicholas Steward and Whendy Martinez Filed 09/10/2021
21-1487-C26 MH Georgetown Realty, Ltd.,MH Austin Realty, Ltd.,MH Austin Truck Realty, Ltd.,MH Hutto Realty, Ltd. vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 09/13/2021
21-1497-C26 James R. Keeton vs. Elevinio Riojas and Nayeli Delgado Riojas Filed 09/14/2021
21-1528-C26 Bell Round Rock SDB, LLC,Bell Round Rock TM, LLC, Bell Round Rock MB, LLC,Bell Round Rock BGT, LLC,Bell Round Rock Irvin 2, LLC,Bell Round Rock Kiser, LLC,Bell Round Rock Burns, LLC,Bell Round Rock Nicol, LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 09/17/2021
21-1551-C26 ABHAS INC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 09/21/2021
21-1615-C26 Fabian Ochoa vs. Lydia St. Clair Disposed 09/26/2022
21-1691-C26 Alex Kappert vs. PAULA CARR, Individually and as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; LAURILLTRAN, Individually and as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; B.F. YEATES, Individually and as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; JOHN FALEN, Individually and as Trustee on the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; RANDALL CARR, Individually and as Trustee on the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; JANET YEATES, Individually and as Technical Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Mustang Heritage Foundation; and MUSTANG HERITAGE FOUNDATION, INC., Filed 10/13/2021
21-1705-C26 Shahla Ghani vs. Yeira Vega Muriel Filed 10/15/2021
21-1719-C26 Nicolas Cobos and Mariana Salgado vs. Juana Rodriguez Filed 10/19/2021
21-1769-C26 Theresa Guardiola vs. Stage Stores, Inc. Filed 10/29/2021
21-1798-C26 Norma Jeanne Maloney vs. Luis A. Alfaro,Mercedes Flores and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Filed 11/04/2021
21-1851-C26 Leslie Rankin vs. Janice Perry, Executor of The Estate of Jerry Douglas Perry Deceased Filed 11/12/2021
21-1863-C26 Darcie Gordon Individually as next friend of E.G vs. Ernesto Flores Morales,Jorge Govin, and ATC Transport LLC Filed 11/16/2021
21-1990-C26 Kathleen O'Brien vs. Carolyn Nelson and Synterra Property Group, Inc Filed 12/13/2021
21-2028-C26 Patient Accounting Service Center, LLC dba Getixhealth LLC vs. Family Emergency Room, LLC Filed 12/21/2021
21-2053-C26 Dominique Lynn Gereaux vs. Dee Ann Decker Kincke Filed 12/28/2021
21-2055-C26 Megan Nicole Prellop vs. DFA Dairy Brands Distributing West LLC,dba Oak Farms Dairy and Travis Dean Webb Filed 12/28/2021
22-0038-C26 Gary Hall vs. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company,Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company Disposed 09/23/2022
22-0079-C26 Kyla Kirk vs. Keylee Raines Filed 01/18/2022
22-0132-C26 Lisa Hummel vs. Shon Elliott Wilson Individually dba SW Innovations Filed 01/28/2022
22-0133-C26 Spectrum Group, LLC vs. Colors & Cradles, LLC and Collette M. Kapoor Individually Filed 01/28/2022
22-0148-C26 Robert E. Tesch and Tesch Development & Management Company, LLC vs. Baconranch Property Inc. Filed 02/01/2022
22-0154-C26 TECO Westinghouse Motor Company vs. Renda Southland JV Filed 02/03/2022
22-0191-C26 James Eric Bradford vs. Tailored Pools, LLC and Daniel Zamora, Individually and d/b/a Tailored Pools Filed 02/15/2022
22-0210-C26 Joshua Agrelius and Debra Agrelius vs. Golden Key Contracting, LLC and Jonathan Mark Crothers Filed 02/17/2022
22-0221-C26 Rio Tinto Shared Services PTY Limited vs. English Datasystems LLC Filed 02/18/2022
22-0232-C26 Kara Lea Clark vs. Cade Charles Stevens Filed 02/22/2022
22-0249-C26 Hellas Construction, Inc. vs. Pedro Toledo Filed 02/28/2022
22-0256-C26 Holly Christianson v. Luis Martinez and Elisabeth Rene Adams Filed 03/02/2022
22-0269-C26 Microchem Laboratory, LLC vs. Saneso Inc. Filed 03/03/2022
22-0269-T26 The County Of Williamson, Texas vs. Michael T. Healey AKA Michael Healey Filed 07/28/2022
22-0282-C26 Daniel Espinoza Martinez and Emmanuel Fuentes Arellano vs. Jeff Seely Filed 03/08/2022
22-0306-C26 Susan Wolbrueck v. David Wolbrueck and James Wolbrueck Filed 03/14/2022
22-0308-C26 Randy Bonnema V. Chris Lee Bonnema Filed 03/14/2022
22-0323-C26 Mario Quintanilla Velasquez and Lisbeth Botello- Lunar vs. Maplebear Delivery, LLC, Maplebear, INC., and Teighlor Jordan Hatter Filed 03/17/2022
22-0333-C26 Titanium Processing, Inc. DBA Titanium Payments vs. Suite Connection Lodging, Inc. and Lisa L. Kotnik Filed 03/18/2022
22-0336-C26 Bing Liu vs. Amber Rhae Shaver Filed 03/18/2022
22-0388-C26 OptumRx vs. Brace Pharmacies LLC Filed 03/29/2022
22-0389-C26 David Hewitt vs. Alexis Pitsnukanh and Sonita Nesmith Filed 03/30/2022
22-0398-C26 RDO Equipment Company vs. Legion Development, LLC, Edgar Albrecht and James Feuerbach Filed 04/01/2022
22-0408-C26 Truist, Formerly Known As Branch Banking & Trust Company Vs. Bobby Ruth Filed 04/04/2022
22-0410-C26 Marche IC Inc IC Mart, Inc vs. Jamkel Enterprises, INC. (d/b/a DLM Elect, Jamkel Enterprises and/or DLM Electronics) Filed 04/04/2022
22-0412-C26 Michael Schwausch vs. Douglas Brown And Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company Filed 04/04/2022
22-0418-C26 Assurance America vs. Angel Makala Hopes Filed 04/05/2022
22-0423-C26 Heidi Nykaza and Brian Nykaza as next friends of C.N a Minor vs. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Filed 04/05/2022
22-0464-C26 Dione Silva De Freitas; Fabiano Alves Batista; and Valentina De Freitas Alves a minor by and through her guardian ad litem, Fabiano Alves Batista V. LPF Triana, Inc. DBA Triana and Triana Apartments; Triana at Warner Center, LLC DBA Triana and Triana Apartments; Legacy Partners, Inc; Grand Home Holdings, Inc. DBA Barbeques Galore; and Does 1 to 100 Filed 04/13/2022
22-0522-C26 Christopher James Garcia vs. Otmar Karl Foelsche,Byron Jonathan Forrest Filed 04/25/2022
22-0524-C26 AKF, Inc. D/B/A Fundkite vs. Amenity Solutions, LLC D/B/A Fluid Commercial Pools,Jarrod Gaither ,Brandon A. Sassenberg, First Texas Bank: Amenity Commercial Solutions, LLC, Kyros Industries, LLC, ATXScapes, LLC, AMSOL Services, LLC,, Fluid Commercial Pools LLC Filed 04/25/2022
22-0546-C26 Estrada, Miguel A. (6170), Velazquez, Veronica N. (5162),Roberson, Taylor W. (6412), Walker, Chris J. (6750),Mitchell, Aaron J. (2654), Bayles, Darren L. (1012),Quintana, Leo (6254), all Round Rock Police Department employees at the time, in their official and individual capacities, Additional unknown Round Rock Police Department employees that responded and are not named on the official report, in their official and individual capacities, The Round Rock Police Department, The City of Round Rock, And Unknown employees of the Williamson County Detention Center, in their official and individual capacities Filed 04/27/2022
22-0762-C26 John Jeffers vs. State Farm Lloyds Filed 06/06/2022
22-0766-C26 Doris White-Hudson vs. Katherine Christine Dudley Filed 06/06/2022
22-0792-C26 Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company vs. Jorge Iparraguirre and Aggregate Haulers LP Filed 06/10/2022
22-0808-C26 Judith Richter vs. Dr.Travis Wilson, Dr. Steve Wilson, Orthopaedic Associates of Central Texas,PA Oakwood Surgical Center Management LLC and Oakwood Surgical Center., L.P. Filed 06/15/2022
22-0820-C26 Morgan Lancaster Individually and as next friend of L.L a minor child vs. Stacy Hudson and Jeffrey Fulwiler Filed 06/16/2022
22-0827-C26 GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company vs. Jessica J. Ramirez Norales Filed 06/17/2022
22-0852-C26 Earl Gordon Hodges III vs. Jaime Coli Vergara,Michael Wayne Roberts,Matthew William Clayman,Clayman Outdoors, LLC,Misty Pearson,Ricky Neal Pearson and Ricky Lynne Pearson Filed 06/22/2022
22-0936-C26 Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company a/s/o King Pacific Amalgamated, LLC vs. Teva Construction LLC Filed 07/11/2022
22-0983-C26 Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No 15 LLC vs. Cristina H.Castrillon Filed 07/15/2022
22-1024-C26 Michael Schwausch vs. Douglas Brown,Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company Inactive 07/22/2022
22-1079-C26 GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company vs. Dakota James Brown Filed 07/28/2022
22-1083-C26 Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No 15 LLC vs. Veronica J.Martinez Filed 07/28/2022
22-1105-C26 Brady Vincent And Wendy Vincent vs. Savanna Ranch Community, Inc. And Certified Management of Austin, LLC Filed 07/29/2022
22-1128-C26 Marc Christenson,Deidra Christenson,May Chen,Humphrey Ho,Piper Norton,Toan Do and Noel Hensley vs. Harrison 209, LLC,Chad Sullivan,Supawn Sullivan and All Texas Realty, L.L.C. (dba Edmiston Properties) Filed 08/01/2022
22-1129-C26 Bank Of America N.A. vs. Michael Martinez Filed 08/02/2022
22-1178-C26 130 Regional Water Supply Corporation vs Michael E. Schwettman and Cindy L. Schwettman Disposed 09/29/2022
22-1216-C26 Kenneth Adams vs Kelechi Kalu Ogbaa Individually and 512 Vending, LLC Filed 08/09/2022
22-1220-C26 Leonardo Mondragon Osorio vs Linda Bowen Filed 08/09/2022
22-1222-C26 GS Lakeline AA Apartments, LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 08/09/2022
22-1284-C26 Tabatha Smith vs. David Gatari Filed 08/12/2022
22-1294-C26 108 McNutt Road, LLC vs. ACI Design Build Contractors, Inc. ,Veritas Financial Series E3D, LLC,Patrick Towne, Jr and Frederick George Hubnik, Jr. Filed 08/12/2022
22-1309-C26 IN RE: Stone Street Originations, LLC Filed 08/12/2022
22-1327-C26 Chinedu Chukwunta vs. Patrick Cueva and Hunter Forster Filed 08/15/2022
22-1338-C26 Het Patel and Parth Shinde vs. Martin Jenkins Filed 08/15/2022
22-1373-C26 Inda Waites vs. Austin Urban Air,LLC Filed 08/19/2022
22-1449-C26 In The Matter of The Marriage of Raye Virginia "Ginger"Cucolo vs Anthony A. Cucolo III and Evanthia Magni and Meta Platforms dba Facebook, Inc Filed 08/26/2022
22-1476-C26 Enclave at Brushy Creek Homeowners Association, Inc vs Charles Williams and Secretary of Veterans Affiairs and Officer of The United States (In Rem) Filed 08/30/2022
22-1478-C26 Reyes Vargas vs. Brooks Taylor Baack and Olusegun Olubukola Shokoya Filed 08/30/2022
22-1526-C26 David Tittle and Angela Tittle vs Ken Jensen and Helen Jensen Filed 09/02/2022
22-1529-C26 726 LLC vs. Willington Savings Fund Society, FSB acting not in its Individual capacity but solely as Trustee of NCP SSNS I Trust and BSI Financial Services Filed 09/02/2022
22-1530-C26 James Wert Individually and As Trustee of The James C. Wert 2017 Family Trust vs.Realty Austin, LLC Filed 09/02/2022
22-1565-C26 Credit Corp Solution, Inc vs. Thomas Green Filed 09/09/2022
22-1572-C26 H & H Mobile Park, LLC vs. Williamson Central Appraisal District Filed 09/12/2022
22-1594-C26 Charity Bartell vs. Sebastian Garcia- Crossland dba Citdel Roofing Systems Filed 09/14/2022
22-1597-C26 Andy Bohart and Joelle Bohart vs.Ashby Signature Homes LLC Filed 09/14/2022