Streets to be Resurfaced Next

The 2017 Neighborhood Street Resurfacing Program will begin in early April. Road and Bridge will notify residents of the work in advance by door hangers, flashing message signs or static message signs. When this occurs, please monitor the section below titled “Streets to be Resurfaced Next” for an updated list of streets to be resurfaced the next two days.


The following streets are scheduled to be resurfaced next:


 Resurfacing Date




 Monday, April 24  Vista Oaks  Wyman Cv. 
 Sandy Haven Cv. 
 Galena Hills Lp. 
    Seal Coat
 Tuesday, April 25  Vista Oaks  Aspen Leaf
 Crestwood Cv. 
 Summercrest Cv. 
 N. Summercrest Lp. 
    Seal Coat 

   Updated   4/19/2017



If there are questions or concerns, please call the Williamson County Road and Bridge hotline at 512-943-3393.

On your resurfacing day

To help us provide a quality product, please do not park vehicles on the street between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and do not run your sprinklers on your designated resurfacing day.

For seal coat, please drive slowly for a couple of weeks while the asphalt cures.

For fog seal, please and do not drive on the new surface for approximately 2 hours after it is applied.