March 2019 Update

March 2019 Update
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Frequently Asked Questions

What phase is the San Gabriel Ranch Road project in? When did the project start and when is it set to be completed?

The San Gabriel Ranch Road project is separate and distinct from the safety related closure of San Gabriel Ranch Road at the spillway, just East of Remuda Drive, and involves the rehabilitation and resurfacing of roads in the subdivision.  The San Gabriel Ranch Road rehabilitation and resurfacing project started with Phase I in the summer of 2013 and we expect to begin Phase II in the spring or summer of 2016.

Why is San Gabriel Ranch Road closed?

The decision to close San Gabriel Ranch Road at the spillway location was based solely upon safety and has nothing to do with the resurfacing and rehabilitation project.  Every time it rains and the spillway engages, water runs over the road, causing erosion on the downstream side of the road. Upon last inspection, the erosion had undermined the road so severely that Road and Bridge engineers determined it was no longer safe for residents.

What led to the decision to reopen and repair this road?

The County has continuously been looking into solutions for San Gabriel Ranch Road following the necessary closure due to loss of structural integrity.   As previously mentioned all options were analyzed, and the Commissioner’s Court determined that, with the best information that we currently have, repairing the road and re-opening it to traffic is the most favorable option at this time.

How will residents be notified about future developments regarding the San Gabriel Ranch Road closure?

Williamson County Road and Bridge has received the names, e-mail addresses and other contact information for residents in the San Gabriel River Ranch subdivision who signed the petition that was circulating in mid-October 2015. Those residents who did not sign the petition may e-mail roadadmin@wilco.org or call 512-943-3330 to be added to the San Gabriel Ranch Road contact list. We will promptly e-mail residents who wish to be notified with any updates. Resident input has and will be an invaluable tool while assessing options for the repair or modification of San Gabriel Ranch Road at the spillway.

Can you explain the estimated timeline for reopening/repair of the road?

It is anticipated that should no unexpected complexities be found, the process should take approximately 11.5 months to 15.5 months. The following is a detailed breakdown:

a.  The County purchasing process follows procedures as prescribed by law including: advertising for a sufficient period of time, receiving and analyzing the engineering firm’s qualifications, interviewing a short list of qualified firms, and then recommending  to the Commissioners Court the most qualified firm.  If the Commissioners Court approves of the selection, the County then negotiates and enters into a contract with the selected firm.   This process is expected to take approximately 1 ½ to 2 months

b.  Then the engineering firm will need to analyze the hydrology and hydraulics of the Lackey Creek watershed and the impacts to the San Gabriel Ranch Road repairs.  The firm will also propose different alternatives and analyze structural components.  Once a proposed solution is determined, resident input will be sought.  This process will take a couple of weeks.  Then the design will be turned into bid package (comprised of plan sheets, technical specifications and contract language), and the County will seek qualified contractors to perform the work.  This process is anticipated to take approximately 4 to 6 months.

c.  The procurement of a contractor follows procedures as prescribed by law and will take approximately 1 ½ months.

d.  Once a contractor is approved by the Commissioners Court, construction can begin and will take approximately 4 to 6 months, depending on weather.

What is the overall cost to repair the San Gabriel Ranch Road at the spillway?

The cost associated with the section of San Gabriel Ranch Road that is currently closed has yet to be determined. Williamson County has hired an engineering consultant to evaluate the structural condition of the dam and develop design alternatives to repair the dam to the extent necessary to support the roadway.

Has the crossing at San Gabriel Ranch Road been condemned by FEMA?

FEMA has not condemned San Gabriel Ranch Road.  FEMA was responding to a request by Williamson County to investigate the roadway as part of an effort to secure disaster recovery funds to assist in the repairs or modifications of the roadway. FEMA has provided some funds toward repair of the roadway.