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City of Georgetown, District 1 Runoff Election - Dec. 10, 2019


Preliminary turnout for Friday, December 6th (including in-person and mail): 40
Total preliminary Early Voting turnout (including in-person and mail): 211


ELECTION DAY - Tuesday, December 10 - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Vote Center: Williamson County Inner Loop Annex – 301 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown

NEW Voter Registration Certificates

The Williamson County Elections Department has mailed out new voter registration certificate cards to all our registered voters. These cards are orange and white, are good for two years, and replace the expiring yellow and white cards. Please double-check to make sure all of your information is accurate, sign the front where indicated, and keep it for your records as proof you are registered to vote. If you need to correct something on your card, or if you move, or if you change your name in the next two years, you can make these changes on the back of the card in the space provided, sign next to the X, and mail it back to our office. We will correct your information and mail you an updated Voter Registration certificate.

Here is a diagram and some important information about your Voter Registration Certificate:


1.   VUID – This is your 10-digit statewide Voter Unique Identification Number issued by the Secretary of State’s office. This number remains the same as long as you are a registered voter in the State of Texas, regardless of the County in which you reside, or if you move from one County in Texas to another. 

2.   Precinct No. – Your voting precinct is based upon your residence address. Williamson County allows voters to vote at any open Election Day Vote Center. Voters are no longer required to vote in their specific precinct.

3.   Upon expiration, new certificates are automatically mailed to voters with active registrations.

4.   Residence Address – Your name and address of residence as provided when you registered to vote. Your voting precinct and districts are based upon this address.

5.   Please sign your certificate upon receipt.

6.   When voting in a primary election, you must state the party you would like to receive a ballot from. Your selection will then be indicated in this space. This also helps ensure you will receive a ballot from the same party should a runoff election be required. If you did not vote in the initial primary, but would like to vote in a subsequent runoff, you will be able to make your party selection at that time.  

7.   These are the districts in which you reside:

  • US Rep = United States Congress
  • State Senate and State Rep = Texas Legislature
  • Co. Comm = County Commissioner Precinct
  • J.P. =  Justice of the Peace District

8.   Mailing Address – Address provided by you to our office indicating where you wish to receive your mail. This address is not used in determining your precincts or in which races you will be eligible to vote.

BARCODE  #1 – This is an internal tracking number for mailing purposes.

BARCODE #2 – This is an internal tracking number which should be scanned by poll workers when presented at a polling location to check-in voters.

Williamson County's New Voting System

On April 30, 2019, the Williamson County Commissioner’s Court approved the purchase of a new voting system for Williamson County from Election Systems & Software (ES&S). The new voting system includes ExpressVote ballot marking devices and DS200 digital scan precinct tabulators to be available at every Williamson County polling location, as well as DS850 central high-speed digital scanners and tabulators to be used at Central Count to tabulate ballots received by mail. The new voting system will be put into use for the first time in October 2019 during Early Voting for the November 5, 2019 uniform election.

With the new voting system, voters will receive a blank ballot at check-in to insert into the ExpressVote ballot marking device and make their selections. After reviewing their selections on the screen, voters will print the ballot. Once voters have reviewed the selections printed on the ballot, they will insert the ballot into the DS200 digital scanner for tabulation. This hybrid system allows for the convenience and accuracy of electronic voting, as well as the security of an auditable paper ballot that can be used for manual recounts.

For additional information on Williamson County’s new voting system, click HERE

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